Monday, April 30, 2018

Terramonary Tie-Dye Workshop

Learn the basics of tie-dyeing in a fun and creative environment, because there are no mistakes in tie-dye!

In each class, the student will create a tie-dye shirt which is theirs to keep. Each session focuses on a different design ranging from 8th century Japanese techniques of Shibori to the mid-sixties Hippie movement in San Francisco to some original designs from Terramonary Wear.

Because the tie-dye process takes 48 hours, the students will leave their projects to be rinsed, washed and dried. The finished shirts can be picked up at Terramonary Wear or they will be mailed within a week.

During each session, the instructor will reveal, rinse and wash a shirt in the style the class will make that afternoon.

Galaxy Swirl 

- Introduction to Color Theory 
- Introduction to Common Tie-Dye Techniques

Ne Maki 

- An ancient Japanese technique of binding objects in fabric to create a bubble effect 
- Dye Mixing demonstration


- Pleating and folding for symmetry 
- Using sinew for binding 
- The Surgeon's Knot

Dragon Scales 

- Advanced tieing technique


- The ultimate in symmetry, both front to back and left to right, with stunning results


- An introduction to ice-dyeing 
- Working with powdered dye 
- Randomness and symmetry working together

This is a FUN and WET and MESSY class. Wear old clothing you won’t mind getting wet, stained or dyed. Students may want to bring a dry change of clothes to go home in.

The instructor will provide everything necessary, including work areas, racks, towels, tools, dyeing supplies, disposable gloves, aprons, as well as trash bags for covering shoes and face masks for session 6.

Students will provide in advance their T-shirt size preferences (S-2XL) and style preferences (Men - pocket or no pocket, Women - crew or vee collar).

The cost is $60 per session. Acceptable forms of payment include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

Terramonary Wear and
Terramonary Porcelain Dinnerware
466 Bell St.
Los Alamos, CA 93440

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Every Sunday in June, July, August and September (except 9/30) 2018

Class is limited to 4.
Call 805 453 5075 to register.

Your instructor,
Terry Row

Monday, May 11, 2015

Three Movements for Six Hands Receives
Honorable Mention at the

2015 Paris Book Festival

Il est merveilleux !

Three Movements for Six Hands, an Historical Novel by Terry Row has received an Honorable Mention at the 2015 Paris Book Festival for General Fiction. The book is about the complex and misunderstood relationships among Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann and Robert Schumann.

To order an autographed copy, send a check for $20 to:

Terry Row
273 Bell St.
PO Box 1121
Los Alamos, CA 93440-1121

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Three Movements for Six Hands: The Cover

I'm getting ready to upload the files to the printer for Three Movements for Six Hands on Monday! The text is done, the photo inserts are done and the cover is the last piece to be tweaked! Here is a mock-up. It may look a little different when the book comes out because I'm still working on it today.

If you haven't ordered your subscription copy, it's not too late. Send a check for $20.00 to:

Terry Row
PO Box 1121
Los Alamos, CA

At nineteen years, Johannes Brahms was a beautiful youth with delicate hands and slender fingers that belied their strength, a clear tenor singing voice, a smooth, beardless face and a slight build. Women swooned over his rich and beautiful head of golden blond hair that flowed down to his shoulders and framed his pale blue eyes, giving him an aura of innocence. Although he was not a tall boy, he stood straight and upright, and looked people in the eye when he talked, giving him an air of authority.

Clara Schumann's hazel eyes shined brightly in direct opposition to the dark circles below them. Her wide mouth radiated an air of sensuality and her high cheekbones gave her confidence and competence Brahms had never seen in a woman before, and yet he was reminded of his mother, a younger version, as he remembered her from his youth. It seemed clear somehow that this woman had borne children, although he could not say why he thought that. Perhaps a fullness of the hips or her supreme confidence. At the same time, because of her directness, she reminded him of the women he had known by the docks of Hamburg.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Only One Month

Only One Month
to the
Printer's Deadline:
Three Movements for Six Hands

Have you ordered your pre-publication autographed copy of Three Movements for Six Hands?

This is the time to do it! The files (and half the printing costs) go to the printer on February 27.

To reserve yours, send a check for $20.00 to:

Terry Row
PO Box 1121
Los Alamos, CA 93440-1121

Saturday, January 24, 2015

This is a test image for the cover of Three Movements for Six Hands.

This is a test image for the cover of Three Movements for Six Hands. 

Now is the time for all interested readers to come to the aid of their publisher: send a check for $20.00 to Terry Row, PO Box 1121, Los Alamos, CA 93440-1121 to reserve your copy of the limited autographed first edition, shipped in time for Brahms's birthday. 

You'll be contributing to the printing costs up front. Do it today!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Three Movements for Six Hands An Historical Novel by Terry Row

Three Movements for Six Hands
An Historical Novel
Terry Row

Look at that innocent face.

When I think of Johannes Brahms, I think of the old man with the enormous beard, not this sweet-looking boy, trying his best to look worldly and sophisticated. At this point in his life, when he was about 20, he was an unknown, who stumbled into the company of some of the best-known composers and performers of his day: Franz Liszt, Joseph Joachim, Clara Schumann and Robert Schumann. Within a month, his name was being splashed all over Europe as the new Beethoven and he was talking to one the top music publishers of the day.

Three Movements for Six Hands, an Historical Novel, by Terry Row, covers the two-year period that launched the career of one of the most famous and beloved composers of the 19th century and today.

Scheduled for release on Brahms's 182nd anniversary, May 7, 2015, the book is being offered on a subscription basis. Your subscription will help cover the upfront printing costs. Send a $20 check for your autographed limited edition copy to the following:

Terry Row
273 Bell St.
PO Box 1121
Los Alamos, CA 93440-1121

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brahms and Reményi tour in the summer of 1853

Young Brahms (left) went on his first professional tour when he was just twenty years old with the Hungarian violinist Ede Reményi in the early summer of 1853.

Reményi (1828-1898), five years older than Brahms, already had a sketchy past, having been banished from Austria in 1848 for his participation in the Hungarian Revolution. He met young Brahms in Hamburg, but with the authorities searching for him, he fled to the United States and concertized for four years. Returning to Germany, he arranged the 1853 concert tour that would change Brahms's life.

While visiting the Court of Weimar, the pair met Franz Liszt, but Reményi took offense when Brahms, exhausted from all the traveling, fell asleep during Liszt's reading of his new Sonata in B minor and failed to praise Liszt adequately. The tour and the friendship with Reményi ended abruptly.

Had Brahms not slighted Liszt, he might not have had the opportunities to enhance his newly-found friendship with the violinist, Joseph Joachim, and to embark on the complicated and misunderstood relationships with Robert and Clara Schumann that changed his life.

These are some of the characters in my new book, Three Movements for Six Hands, an Historical Novel by Terry Row. To subscribe and reserve a copy today, send a check for $20.00 – to cover the book, sales tax, shipping and handling – to Terry Row, PO Box 1121, Los Alamos, CA 93440-1121. I'll send autographed copies of the finished volume to subscribers around the publication date of May 7, 2015, Johannes Brahms's 182nd birthday.